Recording Faux Pas

“Hi” from my side of the world.

After guzzling down some coffee, checking emails, and getting Kai ready for school, I decided to do another ‘Fan Dub‘ audition. The part was for Hermes—pretty straightforward with only one line for the audition. From what I’ve learned, I decided to do three takes, varying my delivery style(s). Now I get to play the waiting game…again. It’s not a Paid part but more of a ‘trade off’—my voice for some artwork. To me, I think it’s worth it! Especially when it’s coming from a person who does animation for a living.

While sipping on my third cup of coffee, I looked at the calendar and realized—“I’ve been doing voice over work for 6 months now! Where did the time go?!” Granted, most of my work comes from narrating and producing audiobooks. And I wouldn’t change that for the world!

However, it amazes me that I made it this far. You think I’d learn my lesson by now—well, you thought wrong!

Here are my Top 3 Recording Faux Pas

Not reading the copy first

There are times where a draft is given the day of. Understandable

When it comes to audiobook narration and the copy is “RIGHT THERE” in front of me, my inner me is like, “All right Johnny boy, how many times are you going to do a retake before you decide to read the thing first? Your record sits at 5.”

Eventually, common sense kicks in after a few laughs.

Adjusting the microphone

Another bad habit of mine, adjusting the microphone.

I get antsy when I’m sitting for a long time. In order for me to stretch out my legs and compensate for me ‘talking with my hands’, I try to find the right mic position to where I won’t hit it.

This morning, while recording for the audition, I bumped my desk and the scissor arm collapsed.

I think I better start standing up when I record from now on.

Recording at the wrong time

Timing is essential…at least, where I live.

After Kai’s bus picks him up, I normally have to wait about an hour before I start recording. This allows the time my neighbors start heading out to work and the dog walkers to pass by. Every Wednesday, at noon, the weekly test of the tornado sirens commence. From noon to 3 pm, the mailman’s carrier truck putters through the neighborhood.

Believe it or not, I keep a rough schedule in my booth to remind me the loudest parts of the day(s).

Not only am I contending with static and dynamic noise interference, the sound of my voice fluctuates throughout each session. With occasional breaks in between, right about the third or fourth hour of recording, my voice begins to drop and that’s when I have to concentrate my efforts on editing.

Thank you cough drops and warm honey tea!

There are so many other things I left out…word fumbles, forgetting where I saved the script on my desktop, and not silencing my phone when I record.

Despite the setbacks, it’s amusing to me and that’s what keeps my day interesting.